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The Black Tie Service Hub

Welcome to the Black Tie Service Hub. Please select one of the following services to begin.

General Services

Speak with a Black Tie Specialist

If you require assistance using any part of the Black Tie Service Hub, or want to know more about how we can assist your business requirements, click here to book a call.

Web3 Commercial Education

New to blockchain/Web3? Access our selection of educational resources here, or for a more holistic approach book an educational workshop for your team or company.

Web3 Marketing Assets

Access powerful co-branding synergies and display to the world that you're ahead of the game with our selection of marketing assets which can be used as required.

Professional Services

Global High-Speed Remittance

Do you need assistance moving funds - digital or otherwise - safely and compliantly across international borders at unparalleled transaction speeds? Our remit solution is here.

Real-World Asset Tokenisation

Coming soon - if you're a forward-thinker who wants to truly embrace one of Web3's most powerful technologies, register your assets here for tokenisation.

Funds Management (Escrow/Convert)

If you've found yourself unexpectedly having to handle digital assets, we can help make sure your deal flow is smooth and risk-free with tailored fund management solutions.

Compliance Checks (AML/CTF)

Generally part of Funds Management, on occasion it can be helpful to perform unaccompanied due diligence checks on a third-party. Our on-chain analytics mean we can help.

Digital Asset-Backed Lending

For commercial and wholesale clients holding digital assets who are seeking immediate liquidity and enhanced leverage, our digital-asset backed lending solutions are ideal.

Real Estate-Specific

Register a Sale using Crypto

Do you have a buyer looking to purchase property who wants to use their cryptocurrency as part of the payment? Register the sale with us and let us help you close the deal.

Crypto-Backed Property Loans

Our unique Hybrid Lending structures allow holders of highly volatile digital assets to diversify into one of the most stable asset classes around, without losing any upside potential.

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