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Servicing global industries...

... accommodating local integrations.

B4Real - turning crypto into concrete.

Digital wealth. Real properties. Our globally unique platform provides liquidity to both sides of the real estate market, by connecting motivated buyers holding digital assets with innovative vendors seeking to embrace change within a regulatory-compliant and trusted space.

B4Real is powered by three main products:

  • B4RE ('B4Real Tokens'), our native utility token, which gives our community members unparalleled access to benefits in the real estate space, including access to off-market listings, ultra-competitive exclusive interest rates on mortgages, first-round access to investment into real estate funds and more.

  • B4RC ('B4Real Credits'), our native transactional reward credits, which our members earn by staking their B4RE. The B4RC credits can be used as part-payment towards a range of highly desirable Australian properties, which makes saving for a home or investment deposit faster and easier than ever, while our Sigma Tier B4RE holders can even exchange their B4RC Credits for investment into our real estate funds.

  • The BT Futures Property Funds, our forthcoming tokenised property funds, offering unparalleled flexibility and ease of entry into the highly competitive Australian real estate market.

B4Finance - a bridge to the future of lending. 

As a flagship part of the Black Tie Digital Service Hub suite of products, B4Finance helps individuals, businesses and corporate entities seeking to leverage their digital assets, by providing access to a range of lending products from the world's leading digital finance institutions.

By borrowing against crypto assets, rather than selling, our clients are able to capitalise on the long-term growth of the sector, while still enjoying the dynamic flexibility and market-responsiveness afforded by immediate access to liquidity.

Bespoke lending products are available for both retail and wholesale clients, in Australia and globally. With rates as low as 3 to 6.5% and fixed terms of up to five years, if you're looking for unbeatable access to financing using your digital assets as collateral then talk to one of our advisors today.

B4Biz - it's business, evolved.

Evolving from a pilot program launched in late 2020, B4Biz was designed to help businesses tap into the new wealth growing crypto economy, and allow consumers the ability to freely and easily spend their crypto holdings.


Unfortunately, the combination of an uncertainty in the local regulatory environment and unpredictable global integration levels caused the B4Biz program to be retired, as announced in late 2023. Links to the iOS and Android apps are maintained on this page for transparency and access.  



Art ownership. Sports engagement. Logistics and supply chains. Agriculture. Medicine. The list goes on.

We're already investigating some of the incredible opportunities offered by DLT. But if you think your industry is ripe for growth and enhancement through judicious application of next-generation technology solutions, we're here to talk.

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