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A new era of digital currencies requires new technologies to be enabled. We offer complete digital fund management solutions, providing secure and legally compliant multi-sig escrow wallets, granular control of currency conversion (including off-ramping and split payments), and licensed remittance upon settlement - all with the lowest fees in the industry.

Contact us today for immediate assistance with your deal flows.

Once upon a time, Bitcoin was seen as a currency for criminals. That's definitely not true these days - but you still need to be certain that your funding or revenue can be traced back to a reputable source, to ensure compliance with all national and international regulations. That's where we come in - because when it comes to crypto, your security is our business.

Click here to find out more about our cost-efficient compliance mechanisms.

How deep do you and your company want to dive? Everyone knows that there's money to be made from the crypto market - but do you know your ICOs from your STOs? We've developed a range of educational material and courses, tailored towards finance, commerce and real estate industry professionals - stripping back the jargon and teaching you exactly what you need to succeed.

We can tailor education services (digital and in-person) to your industry - click here for more information.

Leverage is key. Without the ability to capitalise on the growth of their digital assets, potential investors have been left locked out of a range of markets - but not any more. Our exclusive arrangements with leading crypto-enabled financiers mean you can expand your offering to a wider range of investors - opening the doors to a whole new, hungry market.

Contact us for more information about accessing lending services, or visit the B4Finance website for more information on our customer-facing products.

Tokenisation of assets for fractional investment has seen a lot of interest over the past few years. Tokenising diversified asset portfolios takes things to the next level - and offering retail investors access to new opportunities and asset classes is unprecedented. If you have the vision, Black Tie Digital can advise and help deploy your next Tokenised Investment Offer.

To find out more about asset tokenisation services, click here.

There's a whole new world of digitally-wealthy buyers out there, eager to diversify their volatile digital holdings into a range of traditional, stable asset classes. But if you don't how to reach them, the opportunity is lost. We can help, with co-branding opportunities, custom graphic design, community outreach - and much more soon.

Tap in today by clicking here.

The blockchain revolution has only just started - and your business can't afford to lose the first-mover advantage. That's where we come in.

With a combined total of over 100 years experience in managing international commercial trade networks, real estate brokerage and alternative lending solutions across our talented team, our enviable track record lets us lead from the front, providing a solutions-oriented and industry-led perspective which leads to more positive outcomes, more often. Plus, our ongoing focus on ensuring regulatory compliance through licensing and authorisations mean that you can transact in complete security, giving you and your clients peace of mind.​

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