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Blockchain... reimagined for the real world.

Traditional problems + next gen technology = elegant solutions.

Our mission is simple. Our goals are revolutionary.

Black Tie Digital has been formed to help merge legacy platforms, industries and marketplaces with distributed ledger technology (DLT) - one of the defining advancements of the 21st century.

DLT (of which blockchain is simply the earliest and best-known variety) represents so much more than just speculative currencies and intangible artworks.

Black Tie Digital are here to help this incredible technology realise its full potential - by helping your industry do the same.

We help the digitally empowered diversify their portfolios into an attractive, stable asset class, while assisting developers, agents and lenders to enter into the digital economy.

Commercial transaction networks stand to be liberated via DLT. We assist businesses, consumers, NFPs and others to harness the technology's true potential and capitalise on opportunity.

Immutability. Transparency. Security. DLT opens the door to a world of accountability, trust and honesty - the key components of a functional and effective trade system. 

From SMEs and professional services providers to enterprise-level clients, the power of our revolutionary Service Hub is in its simplicity - aggregating the global leaders in Web3 services and tailoring project delivery so you can focus on your core business.

Banks, industry funds, and credit managers are looking to enter the DLT-powered space. DAOs and online communities are embracing P2P finance. And borrowers are eager to collateralise new assets in innovative ways. We help connect the threads.

30 years building global commercial networks.

$4.3B transacted in digital and alternative currencies.

One mission.

As part of the Progressive Investment Management house of brands, Black Tie Digital has inherent advantage when it comes to helping pioneer the nascent Blockchain-as-a-Service industry.

Our sister brands - BBX Global, BConnect, and Deposit Solutions - represents over 110,000 business globally as the world's largest reciprocal trade communities, and one of the earliest proponents and instigators of alternative currencies.

Our extended strategic network includes blue-chip and enterprise-grade participants in the finance, real estate, legal, manufacturing and technology sectors, while our connections with governments from Europe to Asia allow for unrivalled access and positioning.

If you're looking to lead your industry into a DLT-enabled future, let's talk.

New Technology. Established Networks.


Years Experience


Business Partners


Transacted (USD)


Countries World Wide


Supplied Circulating Credit (USD)

Building the Digitally Empowered Communities of the Future

Our global network of strategic partners is unrivalled in the DLT sector.

By combining favoured access to traditional shapers and influencers of industry on a global scale with a forward-thinking approach to technology adoption and implementation, Black Tie Digital leverages the best of both the old world and the new. 

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